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Prosperity is not entitled, but it is within reach.

There are too many Christians in line for a handOUT instead of being able to offer a hand UP. That needs to change and the change starts with you.

Why Choose Us?

Everyone will exchange money for something that meets a desire, want or need. We know that.

We created or found solutions that we were excited about, and we share them here with you.

It is our MISSION to offer high value at high standards that meet and even exceed your customer expectation.

All are welcome. BE WARNED! You will encounter Christian content and Bible references here. We do not discriminate and will accept money from everyone. However, we reserve the right to be authentically US, just as we embrace you as you do you.

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Trudy Beerman is the owner/Administrator of this site. She owns PSI TV, Christian & Money Media (TV, Podcast & blog). This site allows her to share her created product solutions with you. For the full blah, blah, blah on Trudy, visit


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